AMBASSADOR (am bas′ə dər, -dôr′) noun

Ambassadors of goodwill are activists, celebrities, artists, environmentalists;

Ambassador-at-large is one accredited to no particular country;

Ambassador extraordinary has a special diplomatic mission;

Unofficial ambassador is one with all;

& unofficial am I!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antonia's dental xrays posted for dentista qui...

I am posting them here because the Ortho here can not open this... My life in italy. I will then send this link to her. I had the appointment now and this function with her opening them before our visit! Braces start next week!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DeCo DivArtista, Tamara Lempicka unrolls the layers and increases the folds

The ART ESCORT Franky Francesca's Critique of Tamara Lempicka's Exhibition in Roma, Italy as publicized on her official website...

90 paintings, 30 drawings, 50 photographs, 2 short films and a hand full of her personal letters and news article reprints

She is an artist I have admired for years even researching her life well before getting near an original. This past week in Rome strolling along with friends I saw a fabric sign rippling in the wind with what I thought was her name. A hard and fast halt with a twist of my body, I ran to the fabric banner. Yes, it was Tamara! A show dedicated to just Tamara!
This is the location where I visited the Amadeus Modigliani exhibit in 2006. Although always interesting, the show had a very limited amount of works. So what if this is true of hers I thought?… As long as I get to see originals it’s worth it!
I texted my Italian ex-boyfriend Paolo and arranged an early breakfast for the following morning. After our cappuccini I said “I had a surprise”. We had not only seen the 2006 Modigliani exhibition together but the 2009 Rome Jeanne Michael Basquiat Exhibition too.  With tickets in hand we climbed up the stairs to her gallery space, immediately I over whelmed and felt exuberant.
DeCo DivArtista, Tamara Lempicka unrolls the layers and increases the folds, enmeshes full body with sleek and chic, then glazing monochromatic tones with isolated vibrant punches, chiaroscuro contrasts no doubt about it, her message is clear… LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, WHILE I LOOK AWAY.
Never was I so taken aback by such strong works and sooooo many pieces. Just when I thought it would be finished, there was more. Here storyboards were filled with her life’s details exposing to me mistakes on Wikipedia about like her father’s death when she was just 5.  
Her eccentric-ness for life, direct and flamboyant posture confirmed to me that some of us are just born this way. We are not pretending, we do not do this for others but we do have an endless need to communicate, to express and to over flow.
After passing all works two times, I felt a bit depressed. I needed to leave this woman who I got to spend an afternoon with. I thought well about this way she laid out her compositions. 
This “common compositional theme” and then it came to me. When I listened well and watch her audience of “glamorousa persona” is what I overheard, over and over and over… More silent than a whisper… I heard…
 “Look at me while I look away.  I am soft, I am round, I am quiet, I am irresistible and I am a seductress.
I am powerful, I am important; I command my space and the structures surrounding my presence.
I flow easy, I layer in folds and I fill my curves.       
I am rectangular, I am straight, I am gay, I am square and I am full of angles.
I am diagonal and direct.
I am blunt, I am harsh and I am geometric like an Einstein equation.
I am to be studied, and in the meanwhile I will be erotic or powerful or strong in business or full of strength and importance.
I know you want to stare at me, so let me hold a pose for you to study and remember of me by. Again, I have a need to make a statement, look at me while I look away.”
In the end Tamara wins… She highlights what she wants your eye to see and where she wants it too finish. Her art reads commercialism with an Andy Warhol’s Campbell soup cans advertisement but with no end product being sold. Cropping her subjects, balancing unevenly weighted linear backgrounds, she creates profundity and debt in a 3 dimensional “persona” of her subjects.
A trendy, suggestive, provocative artist and her style, she was enlightened before her own time in the roaring 1920’s. Her memorizing black and white photos give an insight to the psyche of this amazing and under rated artist. …
Critiqued by Francesca Owens "YOUR ART ESCORT"

Monday, May 30, 2011

time for a word change from woody to metally

A fellow reader responds with a question to my Dr. Shake It blog post this week.

I think some words from a fellow genius would be appropriate on this topic before we explore this intriguing phenomenon so I invited my friend LEO to further explain his thoughts.

"The penis does not obey the order of its master, who tries to erect or shrink it at will. Instead, the penis erects freely while its master is asleep. The penis must be said to have its own mind, by any stretch of the imagination."
Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Ms. Big Boobs,

I am SO glad you get rid of the idiot before you even begin, so to speak! Honesty: do you think your boobs (and I am being serious here) attract LOTS of "bad" men? I mean, more than a flat chested woman? My big boobed friends seem to get a lot of side glances, if not straight on - glance - at - chest/breast etc. Just wondering. It's like first you have to fight off the perverts, which can take a long while since there are so many out there, and there's a pervert in every man if you ask me, until finally you get to the a man who has qualities that show beyond his testerone lurkings..

Dear I'm So Glad,  (so as to protect their identity)
1st  Let's start with an anatomically correct drawing of a penis, sited above. Though personally I have never seen one with that type of bend, I don't know why... I always thought they were straight!

2nd  It has been my opinion for some time that my breast surgeon doctor slipped MAGNETS into my porn sized breast implants without my consent. 

3rd  I believe men have 2 little brains down there that are the size of a marble but it is not glass, it is some type of metal. The metal marbles get transferred during the insertion and conception process into what they call “their balls”. It’s something that scientifically usually happens to only baby boys. How else could we justify this behavior my men once they are grown?

4th  For this I propose a name change to what has been called a WOODY  for years. I think a METALLY would be more appropriate for the lifting action of their penis.

5th  I accept full responsibility for my GEMILLI’s (my twins as they are called here) bad behavior at times. Ever since their debut at the 2010 Spoleto's Festival of the Two Words, then their real live TV interviews (notice I stated plural), "they have taken on a life of their own" quotes Mama Francesca.

When asked by the local TV camera men and the local village people, "Mama Francesca, where did these come from? Where have you hid them for the past 3 years?" Calmly and frankly Mama Francesca responded "it was their 18th birthday and I dressed them for their coming out into society party, something like a Débutante ball".

Well the news hit the street in Spoleto and the air is filled with the buzz of olives and boobs.

6th  It's not men’s fault at all. The piece of metal in their pants is so heavy that when they try to lift it they get a METALLY. ALL their blood flow stops going to the small brain in their head on their shoulders and remains below the waist over loading their METALLY.

7th  Also when asked by men here in the village, “what is your bra size? What number are you?” I have trained my twins to respond with the upmost surprise to such an insulting question and in a manner fitting of a Débutante, not stooping down to their level. So they respond, “I don’t know but for surely a porn sized number!” That usually leaves with their jaw dropped open...

8th  In conclusion how can I Mama Francesca judge these poor men with metal marbles in their balls, when my own twins (and I am at times ashamed), behave so badly? 

9th  So NO it is not Men's fault. Further medical studies are needed to identify the type of metal in these marbles. Some of the leading national experts believe it they could be LEAD METAL which is a TOXIC METAl leading to insanity. So let's not start with the "name calling" "Dear I'm So Glad" and let's wait for more solid research!

Kisses bella! 
By the way, the media men and movie cameras are arriving in less than 3 weeks for this grand annual event!

maury's deal on patio furniture and sol lewitt's sanctuary

Steve & I loading my new patio furniture
on the roof of his taxi car

Chocolate colored, 4 piece set outdoor patio furniture made from treated iron, weaved poly-rattan material and sand-colored polyester cushions. 
A "festa" addition to my outdoor courtyard garden. When I sat out there for the first time and heard the little birds... I thought... Sol Lewitt sat here too listening to the prior generations of these birds. Google Sol and you will see he is the father of conceptualism and he painted his commanded career art here, in the apartment underneath mine.
It like have a special sanctuary to art's past where ideas arrived and where completed. All this insight and wisdom because I bought an outdoor patio set to throw cocktails party with!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

francesca’s little merry go round of life... the world of friends as I see it

Dr. Shake It, my Darling.

I am a unique SAGE cutting my own path. People who are closest me to me usually love me deeply & keep me for life even with all my flaws. So when you say, Francesca, I can be a good friend it’s all relative, your definition or mine

are woman being kept in a man's internet dream world &  does not qualify for a true friendship.

are my inner circle of friends.  They are invited into my heart, my space, my world & my mind.  With these friends we exchange honesty, secrets, vulnerability, simple sheer pleasures, emotional intimacy, genuine unconditional love & mutual acceptance of our flaws.

are friends that take part in my life usually they are near to me & we do things together. Some of them develop into Lifers. Of course often these friendships can be carried through my lifetime but some fall by the waist side & linger for years. Pure honestly & mutual acceptance of our flaws has not been established or secured yet. It’s a garden that takes time to see where they grow.

is a place where these are people who are allowed to enter become a Lifer. Usually at some time a conflict has arose & we both demonstrated the ability to resolve with it with some level of dignity & mutual self-respect.

are my followers in the world at large who have the opportunity to meet me. I open my life to about all that I meet, without reservation & without inhibition. They find me crazy & refreshing in one swoop. They are often afraid to walk this line of being eccentric but like being near me. Living their life close to enough to me allows them to my droppings of excitement & passion for life.

are my paparazzi. They merely find me intriguing in some way that they want to follow my life’s adventure and tribulations from their lazy boy chair with the foot pad raised.

are successful at NID or Negative IV drips'. They are people who suck the life out of others. After 2 separate hospital stays of 17 days & 4 months of tri weekly blood draws for Coumadin resistance, I have no tolerance for vampirini.

are friends where we find a mutually beneficial foundation, whether its art sponsorship or travel or creative projects, we develop our dreams. 

are my counter position to a man's cyber harem, they are my eunuchs but with all of nature equipment in tact from nature with the intent of me being their exclusive focus... all applicants to date have been a little too young for my current values... or missing some quality i am looking for but thats open to change... no applications accepted yet... 

are people who distract me from my life's purpose. They usually get reduced to my FRAPARAZZI list.

remember it's my blog.... and I get to talk about what I want...

So Dr. Shake It, what's it gonna be...?

Friday, May 27, 2011

DECO DIVARTISTA Tamara Lempicka "queen of modern" an art deco diva artista

I've been there,
I've done this,
I say it's...
a don't miss exhibition!

The new art exhibitions season at Complesso 
Monumentale del Vittoriano
in Rome opens with the exhibition
''Tamara de Lempicka. La regina del moderno”
Address: Via San Pietro in Carcere (Rome)
Hours: MON-THU: 9.30-19.30 FRI-SAT: 9.30-23.30 SUN: 9.30-20.30
Tel: 063225380
Dates of this event
10/03/2011 - 03/07/2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

tattoos, CPTSD & disorder of extreme stress not other wise specified

first tattoo NAM MYO HO RENGE KYO on my wrist

2nd tattoo my Edwards heart ring and a destroyed heart self image

tiger in Tibetan -I needed to be reminded I am a tiger and I will recover

I believe it was around Mother's day 2007 when the last woven fibers in my emotional being became unraveled...

I had mentally disturbing images that would not let me be in touch with my feelings and felt out of touch with reality. I had always hated tattoos and was often mad at my oldest daughter for getting them. 

It was a moment in my life where the art needed to come out but could not be released. So the image in my head for what I wanted to express started being designed.

I finally decided I was ready. The over whelming desire to cut myself to try to feel some sense of being grounded was over whelming and I knew why thoughts were not sane, not rational, but overwhelming like it was a must in my life.

I talked with my oldest daughter and she agreed to go with me for my first tattoo. I believe getting a tattoo could release these foreign emotions in a minimally acceptable damaging way.

The first planned tattoo Idea went well. Oddly enough the pain felt good. I was in charge of the pain the needles gave me instead of the vampire at the heart hospital coming in morning noon and night to do blood draws, and IV.

My veins had become hardened and some closed, scarred or collapse from being poked into. Then there would be the re-poking... when the needle got caught in the scar tissue and a new re-poke would be needed.

This first round went well and held me at bay for a while... It felt soothing, secure, a strong sense of being grounded and knowing for a moment I was level.

It didn't take much time before the float would start again... then again a second tattooing phase was started but very calculated. Knowing that this still was not very mentally sable of myself... I designed in my head the image that I thought I could live with. I tweaked it and adjusted it and sat with it till I felt I could live with it. 

Round two was burned into my art at a stronger, larger intensity. Again, the pain felt good and I even felt more decisive that this was the thing to do.

The last phase came in late October 2007 before I fled the USA. I finalized what I thought would be the strongest message but artist value would be retained. I sought out my Tibetan friend to translate both of my daughters names into his native tongue. Then I asked for heart and tiger to be translated.

The second phase of my bleeding heart tattoo with my Edwards heart ring and my favorite paint brush where completed with my two daughters names, heart for love and health and tiger symbol for me to focus on finding my strength.

As the wounds were new and still bleeding, I ran off to KINKOS to photocopy my newest art. I blew them up in color and added then to the MY MODIGLIANI, LAUTREC & VAN GOGH BLUES exhibition.

I tattoos were fresh, the art exhibition was ready, all my hired partners were in place and I fled the USA.

My art opening was to be November 2, 2007. On October 30, 2007 I left the USA to find a hiding place for a while. Three and a half years later, I am still here, Spoleto ITALY..